Release My Body

by Dad Jokes

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released June 21, 2015

Kevin O'Connell - Bass
Chris Tubbs - Vocals/Guitar
Chase Farmer - Guitar
Ryan Krage - Drums

Recorded at the Atomic Garden April 18-21, 2015
Mixed, mastered, engineered by Jack Shirley
All songs by Dad Jokes © 2015



all rights reserved


dad jokes Oakland, California

Have you ever had a dream that you, um, you had, your, you- you could, you’ll do, you- you wants, you, you could do so, you- you’ll do, you could- you, you want, you want them to do you so much you could do anything?

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Track Name: Hi Hungry, I'm Dad
Release my body
Out into space
Turn off my conscious
And fade away

A floating island
Is all thats left
A second calling
A hollow ship

Please literally
Shoot my lifeless body into space

I know I won’t live long
And I feel I belong
In an endless space
To be a part of something great
Track Name: Melon Chronic and the Infinite Radness
I’ve been sleepless for days at a time
Trying to deal with the thoughts in my mind

It’s getting harder and harder to find
A way to push past all these difficult times

And I’ll wake up tomorrow and start it again
But I just want to know when the fuck it will end

I’m trying my best to confess that
I have no fucking clue where my mind’s at
Trying my hardest to fight back
But I have no fucking clue where my mind’s at

I can keep running but I’d rather face it
I need some help cause I can’t embrace it
Track Name: Rub Riot
I can’t escape this carnal need
I’m feeling weak and I can’t see
And all you do is you haunt me
The hunger won’t pass and you’re still not a round

You’ll never know how you touch me
You’re always in all the best dreams
But all you do is you crush me
It’s tearing me up and I feel inside out

Feels like I’m going down

Where did you go cause time is running out
I’m lost down a path that I can not reroute
So dedicated to finding the thing i dream about

I never had known the crime in finding doubt
Here in my hands, it all feels complete now
I pour myself in and let my mind clear out
Track Name: Need to Get Back to My Ship
I don’t know
I’ll flirt with the idea of leaving home
But where to go
Someplace where I know I am not alone
It’s not in sight
At least not anywhere I can be tonight
I hope some day
I can die when I finally reach that place

I know I’ll get there some day
Before my life drains away

I am done here
Said my goodbyes
Found my new home
Past the blue skies

Blast off this rock
Into abyss
Off in search of
Cosmic oneness
Track Name: Nothing to Say
It’s a terrible reason
To throw all the good times away
It’s not like I meant it
But I don’t know what else I can say

An overreaction
It’s not an excuse, it’s just all I can say
But this aint the first time
And it won’t stop till we move away

It seems like there’s nothing to say

Just a couple more months
Then we could make it and start things anew
I wanted to help us
And I thought that meant I’d just help you

I ignored every warning
You told me the truth but I wanted to stay
I wouldn’t believe it
I’d just hope for the best every day

I tried but I can’t walk away

I won’t walk away
Track Name: Pretty Much Won the Internet Today
I don’t want to go any further
I just want to stay inside
I’m planning on long hibernation
When I wake I won’t feel tired
I’m drawing back
You’ll probably never see me
And if you do that means you’ve tried
Tuning out a world of disappointment
Drown the noise and shut my eyes

I’ve been waiting for this for a long damn time now
And I’m not about to let things fall down
Strangely rearranged the pieces all make sense now
Comfort in the empty spaces I have allowed

A party to myself
Solitary celebration
I'll be gone until
I’m feeling better

We can talk about this some other time
I just want some time alone
I don’t think i’m asking for much here
Lock myself inside my home

I’m going to bed
I’m just gonna lay here
All day long
Track Name: Do It For Grandpa
It’s uncertain for now
That it’s exactly where I wanna be
Push the dream out
You will get to it eventually
Or maybe I’ll just drop dead
And erase potentiality
Thats sounds exciting
Compared to this

Say “fuck it, this is stupid”
I don’t wanna
Breakdown evaluating my decisions
Wake up tomorrow good and ready
For the rest of my stay

Cause i don’t have long
So let’s make it worth it
Track Name: HMD
As i grew up they’d tell me
Everything you see’s true
What I know now is half
The picture was missing

It never did just sit right
Life is never so easy
Isolated from every
Other story

What you’ve shown to me
I couldn’t show myself
I know it’s hard for you
But I’m thankful for it every day

And I’ll trust that you
Have to trust me too
Just to even say
All that you've been going through

Believe what you see
At least that’s what they tell me

What you have
Shown to me
What it all
Means to me
Track Name: You Guys Dig Up Dinosaurs?
Why’d you have to bring that up

I thought I told you
That I was done here
I’m not much for

It wasn’t that great the first time

It’s not as bad as I expected
A second look from a new perspective
It’s almost funny just how I left it
Careless living had its times I guess, kid
I guess I’d do it twice if I had the chance
A load of dumb mistakes with a little romance

We lived and tried to make the best it
Fucked up and let down my friends a bit
All that matters is how we remember it
And learned how to get a little bit better

We gotta make the best of it
Track Name: Stone Cold E.T.
I can’t take believing that nothing’s forever
Cause I sorely need this to be forever

This change feels so invasive
And i’d kill or one more day with, friends

When did it all become such a train wreck
I know it’s happened but I don’t want to face it
Trying to salvage the pieces of what’s left
Drifting away for us all to do whats best

This won’t end here
And we can’t stop now
This can’t end here
Cause we won’t stop now